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Link: crack z hack . [dot] net was one of our first endeavour to bring more frindly 'e' to our home and office stands for cr - ack - zh - ack

cr stands for "digital"

ack stands for "acknowledgement"

zh stands fo "reducing the pain"


When combining these three we get "Reducing your pain of digital acknowledgement , which we acknowledged" brings forth new and comprehensive set of dimensions in todays technology world

Here we have a computer magazine that gives latest IT reviews for new and hot IT and electronic products

Here we have a Desktop segment for desktop users to give away whats latest in the Desktop world like Linux and Unix software downloads and wallpapers

Here we have segment for PDA where you can find stuff for your PDA, smartphone and mobile phone

We have segment for System Administrators where stuff related to system and network and system administration is categorized.

You can find stuff like scripts and open source tools and freeware for desktop and  System Admins here

A section for programmers is there called as Developer 

We have a section for Unix and Linux and Windows hackers here 

Section for tweaks and ebooks is filed under hacker segment

Hope you find it usefull and make it a huge success in the days to come