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Dreamhost Coupon with $50 rebate on yearly payment for the first time users

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 Dreamhost offers a very robust , powerfull and stunningly feature rich webhosting with unlimited space(web space) and unlimited bandwidth on a LAMP server (Debian, Apache, Mysql, PHP,Python, Pearl).

For new users i have created this coupon code that would get you a stunning $50 cash rebate on a new purchase

The coupon code is as follows:

Code: "EBHAKT1"

Shell Account with full FTP access, 10 Gigs of web space & unlimited bandwidth

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 A majority of internet users share a incmprehensible attitude of using linux and EMACS 

So here we offer a linux (Debian) shell account that is suited to all your needs

Here we offer a linux shell account with following features:

Space: 10 GB

Bandwidth: unlimited

Domains that can be hosted : One (01)

Price: RS. 500/ (INR) Annually or $10/=(USD) annually


Please note that no control pannel is provided with this purchase.

Linux Web Hosting with Control Panel and PHP, Python, Pearl and much more

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Amount : 30 $(USD) Annually or Rs. 1200 (INR) Annually


Product Supplied:

 10 GB Web Hosting Space 

Unlimited monthly Bandwidth

 2 MySql databases

 10 POP/IMAP Accounts

Domains that can be hosted: One(01)




 visit for more details


Point of sale:

contact for sales and money transfers